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Mondikot Deer Camp Pusat Latihan

Kg Mondikot, Kaiduan, 89600 Papar, Sabah

Mondikot Deer Camp is an adventure learning Camp for all ages. Participants get to experience & enjoy basic way of life living in harmony with nature.

Just an hour drive from Kota Kinabalu into the tropical greenery of Borneo, Mondikot Deer Camp is situated in the upper reaches of the Papar river at Kg Mondikot. The camp sits on an area of approximately 10 acres and is nestled between 2 villages of Kg Kaiduan and Kg Bolotikon. The pristine Papar River flowing through offers a breathtaking view of the valley and the serenity provide a perfect getaway for city dwellers in a natural and peaceful environment where all sense of time is forgotten.

The evenings at the camp are filled with the operatic sound of insects, birds and the occasional deer barking amidst the gushing sound of the river flowing nearby. You will wake up to the roosters crowing with the birds humming melodies whistling and chirping away announcing the break of dawn.

The camp provides sheltered camping ground, recreational area cum dining hall, tents, bathrooms and toilets,campfire site, kitchen, BBQ pits, and ample open space.

To give families some mini comfort of a modern day home that blends with an outdoor living environment, the camp offers alternative abodes in the form of detached chalets with bathroom facilities en-suite. To complement their stay, fish ponds at the camp will provide participants the challenge and experience to fish for their meals. The tropical fruit orchard and animal farm at the camp when in season offer a variety of exotic fruits to sample amidst the experience of viewing and feeding the animals.

Besides pure relaxation in an outdoor living environment the camp offers a variety of activities ranging from Campfire and BBQ, Swimming and Game Fishing, Jungle Trekking, Trail Orienteering, Kayaking, Rafting, Bird Watching, Wildlife glimpse and seasonal fruit sampling. For thrill seekers, in particular mountain biking enthusiast or trail runners the challenging terrain at Mondikot offers an ideal place to test their skills and endurance.

Mondikot Deer Camp offers a perfect venue for a Camping adventure.



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